How It Works

Sell Structured Settlements

After you receive a structured settlement through the court system, you feel like your finances are secure. However, life is full of the unexpected-especially where money is concerned. What do you do when you encounter a financial hardship and need cash to hold onto your car or your house?

At, we buy the future payments on your structured settlement or annuity to get you the money you need now in one large amount.

How Do You Sell Your Structured Settlement?

Many people don’t know they have the option to sell their structured settlement or annuity payments. However, most states have passed laws that allow you to exchange future payments for an immediate sum.

We will guide you through the complicated legal process and gets you fast cash. Once you decide to sell, we’ll assess your situation and help you submit the necessary paperwork to schedule a court hearing. We’ll help you prove it’s in your best interest to sell off your payments.

If you don’t want to sell all your payments, you don’t have to – we will help you decide how much money you need now and how much you can still keep for the future.

You may be able to access a lump sum of cash