About Us

Our Story

With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, myLumpsum®.com was formed by leaders in the specialty finance area. As a specialist in this area, the company provides a solution to customers that are seeking to exchange their future payments for a lumpsum of cash today. To date, our management team has purchased over a billion dollars of structured settlement and similar cash flows in our industry.

Our story began 18 years ago, when the company’s founders met at the industry’s leading originator of deferred payments backed by annuities and lottery payments. They were pioneers who built the company from the ground floor to the top of a leading industry player. While working on the origination and securitization of pools of receivables, the founders helped build a company that successfully launched an IPO and was subsequently acquired by institutional investors.

The opportunity arose to create a new company that fills a void in the market, since the merger of large players and lack of access to the capital markets by the smaller players. As such, myLumpsum®.com was born.