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  • Get a LUMP SUM of CASH!

    Get a LUMP SUM of CASH!

    Are you receiving Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments? Get a FREE quote today.

  • Are you receiving monthly payments?

    Are you receiving monthly payments?

    Cash in your Structured Settlement or Annuity payments.

  • Do you have an Annuity?

    Do you have an Annuity?

    We may be able to get you a cash lump sum for your future payments.

  • MyLumpsum®.com could have you rolling in DOUGH!

    MyLumpsum®.com could have you rolling in DOUGH!

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  • Tired of waiting for YOUR own money?

    Tired of waiting for YOUR own money?

    We can get you a LUMP SUM for your monthly payments.

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Your financial situation can change in an instant. After getting an Annuity or Structured Settlement, you probably had big plans for the money. You may not have planned on receiving your money in monthly payments. Maybe you planned to pay off debts, buy a car, buy a home, or pay for education. At myLumpsum®.com, we offer cash for your Annuity or Structured Settlement.

Our Services

Instead of waiting each month for your settlement payments, you can sell your annuity payments to us, and we will offer you a lump sum of cash in return. When you work with us, you can have access to a large lump sum of money now.

If you want to sell only a portion of your annuity or structured settlement and continue to receive unsold payments later, it's no problem. You have the option of selling a portion or all of your payments to us in exchange for upfront cash.

Why Choose

At, we offer experience and personal service. Most of our employees have been in the in the industry for over 10 years. Collectively, our representatives boast many decades of experience in the industry. Our representatives will walk you through the process to determine whether it is best for you to sell your settlement payments or annuity.

We will answer any questions you have and explain your different options. We are dedicated to quality service-you are more than a number to us.

You can always be sure you are getting the best deal possible with us. We believe in upfront communication, so we don't haggle. We give you our best offer immediately.