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Why Us

Our Experience:  Free consultation with experienced representatives

Our representatives are professionals with vast experience in industry. They are knowledgeable and familiar with all aspects of your structured settlement transaction and will be able to spend the time you need in order to create a custom transaction to satisfy your cash needs.


Dependable cash solutions when you need them

Your dedicated representatives will help you review and analyze your stream of payments and help you design a solution that provides you with the needed cash and leaves the rest of your structured settlement payments intact for your future.


Simple, straightforward transaction guided by industry experts

Our representatives will explain, in plain language, all the terms of your transaction. They will show you the different steps required and will answer all your questions throughout the entire process.


Ability to fund quickly

We pride ourselves on our funding policies. We understand the urgency involved in your transaction and will do everything in our power to expedite each steps in order to get you your money ASAP!


No haggling – you get the BEST offer IMMEDIATELY!!!

As we work through your cash needs, we will design a transaction that will provide you with our best quote. Unlike other companies, we give you our best offer IMMEDIATELY!!!